Wednesday, August 04, 2010


by Marcus Sakey

Short stories are hard work. Maybe not for Joe Konrath, but for the rest of us mortals, they're damn tricky. You need to cram a big vision into a small space, and from the beginning you need a very clear idea of what you're trying to accomplish.

Which makes it all the more frustrating that they also have a very limited shelf life. You write one, it sells, and you get to see it in a magazine or an anthology. Life is great. But then, all too soon, the next issue comes out. The anthology goes out of print.

The story vanishes.

Happily, thanks to the explosion of e-readers, that no longer has to be the case.

All of my novels are already available digitally, but I've just released a new e-book. Scar Tissue is a collection of seven of my previously published short stories, including "The Desert Here and the Desert Far Away," which was selected as one of the best shorts of 2009 by International Thriller Writers and nominated for a Macavity Award. Scar Tissue is available for all e-reader formats, or as a PDF you can read on-screen or even print out. If you haven't checked out my short stories, this is an easy way to catch up.

Want to see it? Kindle users, click here
For all other e-readers or a PDF, click here

The anthology is just $2.99, though if you prefer, you can buy the stories individually for a buck a pop (Kindle | Others). Either way, my hope isn't really that I'll sell a bajillion copies and be able to retire to a private island.

I just like these stories, and I don't want to watch them disappear.

In that spirit, as a gift to our loyal Outfiteers, I'm giving away one of the stories for free. All you have to do is click here, add it to your cart, and enter coupon code YB98Q.

Hope you enjoy!


John said...

Thanks for the gratis story, Marcus; I will certainly buy the e-book now! Thank you!!


Roger said...

This is most excellent timing. I stayed up late last night finishing Amateurs, hanging on every word, and was just getting depressed because I had nothing to look forward to reading tonight. Thank you!

Marcus Sakey said...

Thanks guys! Hope you enjoy.