Monday, November 02, 2009

On The Road

by Libby Hellmann

I'm still on the road with DOUBLEBACK, and my mind is mush. The highlight so far has been Sedona, AZ, which I'd never visited before. I did a workshop at Kris Neri's wonderful Well Red Coyote Bookstore (Thanks again Kris and Joe). Btw, Kris has a new book out, too.

So I used the event as an excuse to spend the night in Sedona. My friend Terry and I went hiking the next morning, then drove through Jerome-- which is like entering a time warp -- on our way back to Scottsdale.

For those of you who already know the beauty of that part of the country, enjoy the pictures. For those of you who don't, get yourself out there. It's majestic... and humbling. And there might be something to all those vortexes. I really did feel calmer driving through certain parts of town.

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Sara Paretsky said...

Libby, I should have been following your tour schedule. One of my stepsons, a really great guy, lives in Sedona and would have gone to your reading. Sigh. Of all sad words of tongue or pen....