Thursday, September 17, 2009

Easy, You Know the Way It's Supposed To Be

By Kevin Guilfoile

We generally try to keep the self-promotion around here to a minimum, although we also try to give props and hoorays, not just to each other, but to other writers we like. The publishing business is fraught with jealousy and envy, but I've never seen a community that embraces the philosophy of "all boats rising together" the way the mystery/thriller/suspense family does.

In boating analogies, this season for The Outfit is like the Chicago to Mackinac race.

David Ellis's new book, THE HIDDEN MAN is out this month. The Chicago Tribune's Julia Keller had a terrific profile of David on the front page of the Live section in yesterday's paper. (BTW, I also took a year off from writing novels, although in my case you can cross out "directing the prosecution of a corrupt and unrepentant governor" and substitute "potty training.")

HARDBALL, the much-anticipated next installment of Sara Paretsky's beloved V.I. Warshawski series comes out next week ("Paretsky is in full Furies mode..." Marilyn Stasio says in this Sunday's NYT Book Review. "It’s a distinct pleasure to hear her unapologetically strident voice once again."). Libby Hellman's new novel DOUBLEBACK is out on October 1. Anyone who read Libby's EASY INNOCENCE has already pre-ordered, I assure you.

Laura Caldwell released three acclaimed Izzy McNeil novels this summer. I'll repeat that. RED HOT LIES came out June 1. RED BLOODED MURDER was released July 1. RED WHITE AND DEAD came out August 1. This is only marginally less difficult than having all your readers stand behind you and read over your shoulder while you type.

Barbara D'Amato is contributing to a book (with Jeanne Dams) called FOOLPROOF, out December 3. David Heinzmann's novel, A WORD TO THE WISE will be released December 9.

Sean Chercover's TRIGGER CITY has just been released on audio. You can download Marcus Sakey's most recent, THE AMATEURS at Audible as well.

But enough about us. What new and upcoming books are you excited about?


Barbara D'Amato said...

Potty training is VERY IMPORTANT.

Sara Paretsky said...

I'm catching up on Andrew Taylor. He's a brilliant writer, and really covers the field, with thrillers, crime fiction, the best Poe-based novel I've read ("The American Boy") and his latest, Bleeding Heart Square, is a kind of gothic horror story.

Kevin Guilfoile said...

Post amended to include link to this Sunday's terrific NYTBR review of HARDBALL.

I am currently reading Thomas Pynchon's Chandler riff INHERENT VICE. Only about 60 pages in, but it's pretty funny. I certainly think Chandler fans will enjoy it.

Corey Wilde said...

I'm living for the next Hector Lassiter book by Craig McDonald.

Libby Hellmann said...

First off, Great title. I love the Jefferson Airplane.

I'm in a Thomas Cook kind of mood. Couldnt get his new book at the library- it's out, so I got one from his backlist, Cloud of Unknowing. Can't wait to dive in.

David Heinzmann said...

I just read Christopher Buckley's newish book, SUPREME COURTSHIP, about the appointment of a TV judge to the highest court in the land. It's actually the first Buckley book I've read and, as predicted by others, I laughed my way through it.

And I'm sorry I missed Barbara's post yesterday about the Olympics. I was swamped with deadlines writing about the Olympics AND the giant SOS police corruption scandal. As the days before the Oct. 2 vote in Copenhagen dwindle, we've been scrambling to try to explain all the technical aspects of what the Olympics would mean. What it would really cost in public funds? What the much-discussed insurance policies will and won't cover?

Laura Caldwell said...

Dude, thanks for the shout out, and that is hysterical. I kind of like the thought of my Izzy readers checking out my laptop over my shoulder because I know they would bring wine and snacks.