Saturday, August 15, 2009

Below the Belt

Usually, I'm a huge Gary Trudeau fan, but I think his August 14 strip is grounds for class action by all Cub fans. We may live in a world of illusions, or even delusions, but we're not nut jobs!!


Libby Hellmann said...

Agree. Cubs fans are the most optimistic idealists I know!

Dana King said...

Seems about right ot me.

I moved to Chicago 15 years ago with hopes of following the Cubs more closely.Within two years I was a devoted White Sox fan. Part pf this was the Cubs fans, and part was the Tribune Company. Even in the ads, they never said anything about coming to see the Cubs; it was always about the friendly confines. And, while Wrigley Field is one of the four best places I've ever seen a ball game, in my experience it has the nastiest ushers anywhere.

I've been gone twelve years now, and still root for the Sox.