Friday, May 01, 2009

Indie Day

Okay, Kevin, I made my trip over to the Seminary Co-op, and bought Barrie's version of Peter Pan, Robinson's Home and a third book whose title escapes me.  I thought there should have been tags, like on Donut Day.  Maybe next year.  Who else has celebrated Indie Day?


Libby Hellmann said...

I did. Went to the Book Bin in Northbrook and bought Handle with Care by Joci Picoult, and A Reliable Wife by RObert Goolrich. Feels wonderfully guilty having two first editions.

Guyot said...

Well... I bought a book at Otto's before leaving NYC, and then bought a pair of books at Left Bank Books in STL, an indy that managed to open a second location in 2008.

I feel compelled to support them and their new operation, especially in this awful time for our economy.

The folks at Left Bank are tireless promoters of literacy, of ALL fiction regardless of genre labels, and they support local and first time authors like nobody else.

And you can order online - check them out at:

Sean Chercover said...

I bought books at Partners & Crime, and then bought more books at the Mysterious Bookshop. Was a great day in NYC.

Hope Indie Day was a success for all. May it carry over to the rest of the year.

Guyot said...

We should all make slow, sweet love to Joe Finder for thinking this up.

Come on, who's with me!

Kevin Guilfoile said...

I went to Centuries and Sleuths and bought a pair of Peter Tremayne novels for Mother's Day, Henning Mankell's book of Wallander short stories, and a William Kent Kreuger novel I had somehow not read before now.

Talked with Augie for about an hour and made some new friends while I was there, as well.