Friday, October 17, 2008

Town To Town, Up And Down The Dial. . .

by Sean Chercover

Last weekend, it was Baltimore. Tuesday, New York. Wednesday, Clinton, NJ at noon and Pittsburgh in the evening. Thursday, Cincinnati (thank-you to Nathan Singer and Jim Winter for coming out and being familiar faces). Today, Dayton. Tomorrow, Cleveland. . .

And so on. I am in the midst of it. The madness. The Trigger City book tour.

I enjoy visiting different cities and I like driving, and the autumn colors of the Pennsylvania and West Virginia mountains are pretty as they fly by in a blur of illegal velocity. Sometimes it's a long way between cities in this vast land of ours. Audiobooks help. It's a lot of driving.

And because I have the Best Publicist In The World(TM), I was on television this morning in Dayton. So Daytonians could enjoy my stories of murder and mayhem with their morning coffee.

Tomorrow morning, I do the TV dance again, in Cleveland. And Sunday, I'm Rick Kogan's guest on his Sunday Papers radio show. WGN Radio, 720AM (or listen online).

Please check my new-and-improved website for all the upcoming tour dates. I hope you'll stop by and say hello, if I'm coming to your area.

Speaking of new-and-improved . . . ever wonder what goes into choosing a book cover? I love the cover for Trigger City and I think we chose the best one, but there were some other excellent covers that didn't get chosen, and I'd like to give them a little love.

So I'm pleased to offer you a glimpse behind the curtain and share a few of these runner-up covers with you, along with a few words about the deliberations that went into choosing. You can even rate the different designs, and we will share the feedback with the publisher. [A big thank-you to the good folks at HarperCollins for allowing me to do this]

This interactive experiment takes place in the behind the scenes section of my website. To access, simply click on the little gun logo that appears at the bottom of each page. When asked for username and password, enter "triggercity" (without the quotes) in both fields.

Hope you enjoy the covers.

See you down the road...

For those of you in the Chicago area, I'm having a launch party next Tuesday (the 21st). There will be beer to go along with the books. Jake's Pub - 8pm. Details on my website.


Dana King said...

I think the right cover was chosen. The others all had their good points, but the one I liked almost as well implied a "happier" book, more like something Carl Hiaasen might use.

BTW, I finished the book last night. Great read. Highly recommended.

Picks By Pat said...

Did you say beer will be available at the launch party?

I love you, Man!

Seriously, though, I looked at the covers that weren't chosen, and I really liked the first one, with the shadowy image of a man behind the smoking gun. That was a killer cover! (No pun intended).

Congratulations on the Shamus, and goof luck with the tour...please come to Kansas City! I know it's not on your list, but we love crime fiction...we do!