Thursday, October 02, 2008

In Praise of Wakesha County Librarians...

by Sean Chercover

Last night I spoke at the Wakesha County Federated Library System's trustee dinner. That's Waukesha, Wisconsin. I was invited to speak by the awesome Penny Halle, of the Muskego Public Library.

Muskego is the home of the upcoming Murder & Mayhem in Muskego convention (November 7-8). If you're not registered for M&MinM, you should be. It's a fantastic time; an intimate gathering of about 30 authors (check out the list) and about 300 readers, with panels and interviews and books and coffee and cookies. This year's keynote interview is Dennis Lehane, interviewed by Michael Koryta. And SJ Rozan and Reed Farrel Coleman will interview each other. That alone is worth the drive to Muskego. Of the Outfit, Libby and Michael and Marcus and I will all be there.

Okay? Okay. Get thee to Muskego on November 8th (and 7th for the cocktail reception).

Anyway, so I spoke at the Waukesha library thingy last night. I sat at dinner with Jon Jordan of Crimespree Magazine (if you're not a subscriber, you should be) and the aformentioned super-librarian Penny Halle and State Senator and longtime library supporter Ted Kanavas and other library big-wigs.

A great time was had last night, and this morning I awoke still full of the love of libraries.

But I was up all night talking with Jon and Ruth, and my brain doesn't work to blog. So I'm just stopping in to share that love of libraries.

Go to your local library. Support your local library. Join the American Library Association.



Picks By Pat said...

I spent the best years of my life in libraries. Now, I write for them. Helps to re-affirm my faith in the Almighty.

ab said...

Libraries are sacred places, and librarians are the salt of the earth! A true Librarian loves tough questions, loves to go hunting for that elusive old forgotten book hidden somewhere in a dark storing room, perhaps having fallen behind the heater..

Furthermore, I love people who borrow books. Because, 1. they READ, and 2. they provide me with a totally unexpected check every year. In Sweden, we get paid a very tiny sum for every loan, and sometimes they add up!

I don't think they get records from every single library, they sample a few.

Anonymous said...

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