Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Marcus is a Hack

by Marcus Sakey

Hey all, I was up on the roster for today, but the last week or so has really gotten away from me. So instead of a, you know, half-intelligent post, I offer you these questions:
  1. The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?
  2. What's the best book you've read in the last couple of months?
  3. Have you seen Firefly? If not, why not? What the hell is wrong with you?
  4. What's the book you're most looking forward to?
  5. What's your favorite part of summer?
My answers are below--hope you'll join me.


Marcus Sakey said...

!. The Stones, baby. I like a little sleaze in my rock and roll.

2. It's a tie between two wildly different books: NORTHLINE, by Willy Vlautin, and L.A. CONFIDENTIAL, by James Ellroy.

3. More times than I'm comfortable admitting.

4. THE GIVEN DAY, by Dennis Lehane. One of the highlights of Thrillerfest was finagling an advanced copy.

5. Cocktails on the front porch. Neighborhood we live in, we know the names of most of the dogs, and yet at the same time, it's not rare to see a 350-pound drag queen with silver hair.

Rob in Denver said...

1. The Beatles... if only because they sorta get trapped in time. That, for me, is quite comforting. I don't dislike the Stones, but watching those old men on stage is a bit of a self-parody... and a sad one at that.

2. Tie: Christa Faust's MONEY SHOT and SILENCE OF THE LAMBS.

3. No. I don't know what Firefly really is, so I guess my problem is that I'm clueless.

4. Konrath's FUZZY NAVEL. There's an incredible character who dies a fantastic death on page five!

5. Summer's end in Colorado, right at the cusp of Fall, is better than any other time of year anywhere else on the planet. It's cooler again and the mountains usually still have snow above the treeline.

Bill Cameron said...

1. Mostly the Beatles, but a little the Stones.

2. Tough call, but John Galligan's THE CLINCH KNOT is fucking incredible.

3. Duh.

4. Can I just suck up right now and say GOOD PEOPLE? Except I really am, so it's not technically a suck up. Right? Right?

5. Beer in the hammock.

Dana King said...

1. Stones (actually The WHo, but they weren't an option)

2. Dead heat between THE FOURTH WATCHER by Timothy Hallinan, THE REAPERS by John Connolly, and THE GREAT BRIDGE by David McCullouch

3. No. I'm old and don't get out much.

4. Also THE GIVEN DAY by Lehane.

5. Dozing off on the couch on a Sunday afternoon while watching a baseball game.

Cameron Hughes said...

1)The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?
The Beach Boys! But hardly anything is better than Paint it Black

2)What's the best book you've read in the last couple of months?

The Dawn Patrol by Don Winslow, but also Power of the Dog by Winslow as well. I demanded that Sean read it, so you'll probably hear about it from him, and hey, I was right about Eight Million Ways to Die, wasn't I?

3)Have you seen Firefly? If not, why not? What the hell is wrong with you?

Nothing is wrong with me. I love Firefly, and anger nerds when I say Serenity is better than ANYTHING in Star Wars. I desperately want Firefly to return. Its not my favorite starship series though, that would be Farscape.

4)What's the book you're most looking forward to?

Probably Sean's new book. I hear its great.

5)What's your favorite part of summer?

Lunch at Jeff's Burger's(Local surfer diner). The vibe is excellent

Cory said...

1. The Stones.

2. Severence Package by Duane Swierczynski is awesome.

3. No.

4. I didn't know Lehane was coming out with a new one. Please tell me it is a Patrick Kenzie book! Yes/No??? Also looking forward to Silva's new one.

5. I am in the education business, so I love the summers! Gives me more time to work my part time job in a bookstore!

JD Rhoades said...
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JD Rhoades said...

1. The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?

Tough one, but I'm going with the Stones as more Rock N' Roll.

2. What's the best book you've read in the last couple of months?

Tasha Alexander, A FATAL WALTZ. I love a good historical, and the girl's really hitting her stride with this one. I predict great things for this writer. Great, great things.

3. Have you seen Firefly? If not, why not? What the hell is wrong with you?

Firefly was amazing. The murder of that show in its crib by Fox is one of the great crimes of TV. As for what the hell's wrong with me...well, there's a well with no bottom..

4. What's the book you're most looking forward to?

Jon Maberry, PATIENT ZERO.

5. What's your favorite part of summer?

Beach trip. A week to sit on the beach and read, then go out at night and eat seafood.

Kevin Guilfoile said...

1. The Stones in a walk. But really, the Kinks.

2. I filled in a huge hole when I finally got around to reading LONESOME DOVE. Man, wow.

3. Firefly was and is amazing. And by the way, Act II of Dr. Horrible's Sing Along blog has just been posted. It's a "let's put on a show" thing Joss Whedon did with Firefly's Nathan Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris during the writer's strike. If you're a Whedon fan, especially one who gets a little misty-eyed recalling the musical episode of Buffy, it won't disappoint.

4. I'm embarrassed to admit how little publishing stuff I read and so I rarely even know what books are coming out unless somebody sends me an ARC. There are two upcoming books I want to read in the sidebar here at The Outfit.

5. It's about 5:30 and really hot and the whole neighborhood is out front and the kids are running yard to yard to yard and back and we're all balancing cocktails in the grass watching Hans across the street teach some friend of his how to juggle chain saws and John next door got too much vanilla ice cream for his daughter's birthday so he runs out to buy the Jewel out of bananas so he can make splits for everyone and people are coming home from work but they can't even get in the house to change there's so much going on. That's happens most weeks around here, with some of the details switched out for even weirder and better ones.

David J. Montgomery said...

I'm looking forward to the new book by that guy Snakey.

Sean Chercover said...

1. Stones

2. Can't say.

3. Yes, I have seen Firefly, because my friend Jon Jordan loaned me the DVDs and my other friend Marcus Sakey HOUNDED me mercilessly until I watched it. It was good.

4. Bottlemania, by Elizabeth Royte

5. Cubs are winning. Oh, and the heat.

Anonymous said...

Of these two, the Beatles. When I was in high school (in the 80s) I wanted to be a flower child. I was so in love with the Beatles. These days I'd also add The Who.

What's the best book you've read in the last couple of months?
Just looking in the past couple months, THE MONEYLENDER OF TOULOUSE by Alan Gordon I gotta plug the hystmysts and this is a great series: a Fool's Guild as medieval CIA - brilliant!

Have you seen Firefly? If not, why not? What the hell is wrong with you?
Ah, if only this had survived past one season it would have caught on with an audience. We live now with the DVD or repeats.

What's the book you're most looking forward to?
Lots of good uns coming out soon: LAUGHTER OF DEAD KINGS by Elizabeth Peters (the first Vicky Bliss in *years*), SWEETHEART by Chelsea Cain, THE BRASS VERDICT by Michael Connelly just to name three of the 22 I'm tracking in the coming months.

What's your favorite part of summer? Well, I read year-round so I can't "reading", How about, being able to walk on my deck in the middle of the night barefooted to look up at the stars.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

Pete said...

1. Stones for attitude, with a close second to the Beatles for art.
2. THE LAZARUS PROJECT, by Aleksandar Hemon.
3. No; don't know; could be any number of things.
4. The next one I read, as always.
5. Finishing the yardwork, taking a refreshingly cold shower and then settling into my easy chair with an even more refreshing beer.

By the way, Marcus, the guy sitting next to me on my Metra train the other day was reading AT THE CITY'S EDGE. I didn't ask him how it was (I crave my solitude on the train and never strike up conversation with other passengers) but he seemed quite riveted.

Maryann Mercer said...

Oh, such questions...
1.The Beatles
2.The Worst Hard Time by Thomas Egan (think Oklahoma Dustbowl and 20 years of topsoil blowing the crops away...and mud)-it's the history geek inside of me (Second in line is Swan Peak by James Lee Burke and third is Touching History by Lyyn Spencer)
3.Just finished the sixth go-round
4.Good People ('s on pre-order)
5.Sitting in my daughter's back yard sipping an Oregon wine and talking about writing and reading and food and animals and...

Jim said...

1. Beatles. Can't explain it, really; just one of those things. The Stones never really did much for me.
2. The first three "Keller" books by Lawrence Block.
3. No, because I don't know what it is.
4. The new Keller book.
5. Autumn.

Bethany K. Warner said...

1. The Beatles
2. Best book in the last couple of months -- definitely a tie between Scott Simon's "Windy City" and "the Brief Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao" by Junot Diaz.
3. I have seen Firefly. Many, many, many obsessive times.
4. Book I'm most looking forward too... I feel silly admitting it, but probably Stephenie Meyer's "Breaking Dawn" because of all the hype.
5. Favorite part of summer -- ice cream.

R.J. Mangahas said...

Okay, I'm a little late with this, but here goes:

1) I prefer Hendrix (but Beatles if I have to choose)

2) I read two pretty good ones just recently: Eight in the Box by Raffi Yessayan and Fuzzy Navel by JA Konrath

3) I've seen it a "few" times.

4) The Given Day by Dennis Lehane

5) Seeing as I live in a place that is over run by tourists, my favorite part of the summer is the end of it, when they all go the #$@! home.

Anonymous said...

1) The Beatles.
2) I'm reading The Story of Edgar Sawtelle and it's amazing. It makes me want to grab people and force them to read it, too.
3) I haven't, but I love Buffy and Angel, so I'm sure I'd love Firefly too.
4) The new Dennis Lehane, your new book (really), the new Faye Kellerman, the short story offerings from Laura Lippman and Stephen King and, yes, Breaking Dawn. Because really, I am 14 years old. ;)
5) It's nice to not freeze when I walk my dog at midnight. Ice cream's always good, too.

Kelly in Baltimore

Michael Dymmoch said...

1. Beatles.

2. At the City's Edge by Marcus Sakey (Sorry it took me so long to get to it.)

3. No. Don't have cable. Don't buy cable shows until the price comes down. Three years behind on the movies I already own.

4. Neil Jordan's The Dream of A Beast. Looking forward to seeing how it stacks up against his movies.

5. Thunderstorms--wind, lightning, drama...

steve z. said...

1. Too tough to call.
2. Best American Mystery Stories 2007. Full of great stories, many from writers I'd never heard of. Shame on me, I guess. But at least I know them now.
3. Haven't seen it. We don't have cable (is it on cable?) and we don't have much time -- we have a baby with some health problems.
4. Elmore Leonard's Up in Honey's Room.
5. Trying to win a goldfish at the Saint Matthias parish carnival. I won one there once and we stopped at the pet store on the way home to get food for it. Unfortunately the fish didn't last through the night. I'm hoping to win another one someday.

Bob in Ohio said...

1. The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?

Not even close, the Stones. I think the Beatles are possibly the most overrated band of all time.

2. What's the best book you've read in the last couple of months?

Last Night at the Lobster by Stewart O'Nan, Knockemstiff by Donald Ray Pollock (a must read) and Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith

3. Have you seen Firefly? If not, why not? What the hell is wrong with you?

No. But now I am interested.

4. What's the book you're most looking forward to?

Nick Stone's King of Swords, Dennis Lehane's The Given Day, as well as Marcus' Good People and Sean's Trigger City. And ... Charlie Huston's new book in the Joe Pitt series.

5. What's your favorite part of summer?

Riding my bike through my city's metroparks and bike trails, nature photography and Pittsburgh Pirates baseball (yeah, I know.)

Bob in Ohio said...

Oh, and how can I forget Elmore Leonard's new one, Road Dogs.

edired said...

1. The Beatles because they built the boat the Stones sailed . 2. Language of Baclava by Diana Abu-Jaber. 3. Firefly had a great cast and a fine idea should have been allowed to fly . 4. SJ Rozan has a new " Bill Smith and Ltdia Chin " in the can . Until then maybe George R. R. Martin's new one coming in Aug. 5. Standing at the rail with an Albacore tring to teach me how to waterski .

nathan singer said...

1. The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?

The Stones at their best, but I guess the Beatles overall. If the Stones had broken up after Brian's death then they'd take it hands down.

2. What's the best book you've read in the last couple of months?

At the City's Edge (which I will be blogging about very soon).

3. Have you seen Firefly? If not, why not? What the hell is wrong with you?

I have not.
I don't watch TV at all.
So, SO many things. There was the incident with the orangutan and the ketchup balloons . . .we are no longer welcome at Radio Shack.

4. What's the book you're most looking forward to?

Breaking Cover by Dusty Rhoades "The American Dream"

5. What's your favorite part of summer?

When it's fuckin' OVER. Good christ do I hate the goddamn sun.

Scott Hess said...

1. The Beatles. The Stones are a teenage costume party that I kind of grew out of. (And so have they, actually.) The Beatles are a dueling (dualing) id and ego, in manic pursuit of everything and nothing, of hedonistic joy and meaning at the same time. Their songs reinvent themselves for me in each new lifestage.

2. I'm enjoying the hell out of Donald Westlake's reissued Samuel Holt lark (four novels written under a pseudonym and back in print thanks to FELONY & MAYHEM).

3. Who? Huh? What? Oh, the shame.

4. At the risk of sounding like a suckup, it's Chercover's TRIGGER CITY. Right now I'm leading the bidding for an ARC on eBay. Yes, I cheat that way.

5. I like the part where everyone wears less clothes and spends a lot of time wet. Plus , in the summer, people spend less time pretending that work is important.