Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Bunch Of Stuff . . .

- Sean Chercover

First. . . an OUTFIT EVENT: This weekend (Feb 1-3) at the Love Is Murder conference (held at the Wyndham O'Hare hotel) you will find five-out-of-seven Outfitters (Sara and Kevin can't make it this year). We'll be talking on panels, signing books and mostly hanging out in the bar . . . so please come by and say hello and have a drink. There will even be a panel/party for the Chicago Blues anthology.

Oh, and the conference features a bunch of great crime writers like Lee Child, Tess Gerritsen, Barry Eisler, JA Konrath, William Kent Kruger, Tasha Alexander, Sam Reaves, Theresa Schwegal, and more. So that's a whole lot of reasons to come out to Love Is Murder this weekend.

Next up. . . I want to take this opportunity to thank the City of Chicago for towing my car from a perfectly legal parking spot, to make room for some resident to move (even though moving permit signs were not posted) and dumping my car in a lot about 10 blocks away . . . and for insisting when I called that my car had not been towed and must've been stolen . . . and for connecting me to the cops who checked their computers and also insisted that my car must've been stolen . . . and for having a computer system that sometimes doesn't register the license plate number of a towed car for at least 24 hours. I really had nothing else to do for the last two days and I appreciate the diversion. Gotta love Chicago city bureaucracy.

Oh, and a sincere thank-you to my road dog Marcus, for driving me around the neighborhood in endless circles, looking for the aforementioned car and insisting that it couldn't be stolen, because no self-respecting car thief would steal such a shitbox.

I'm so glad you were right, Marcus.

And finally. . . I just want to add my voice to what Marcus and Sara said. Patry Francis is a great person who has written a great book, and you should buy it. Check out a few of the many stellar reviews:

"Engrossing from the first paragraph . . . deeply textured . . . beautifully written." - Mystery Scene Magazine

"Readers will be heartily rewarded." - Ladies Home Journal

"The Liar's Diary is outright chilling." - New York Daily News

Okay? Okay. Scroll down to Marcus' post and you'll find all the appropriate links to learn more about Patry and The Liar's Diary, and to get your hands on a copy.

You'll be glad you did.


Libby said...

It's those Toronto plates, Sean...get rid of 'em!

Sean Chercover said...

Nothing to do with the plates, smarty-pants. I even had a City of Chicago parking permit sticker on my windshield.

But yeah, I should get new plates, one of these days...months...years.

R.J. Mangahas said...

Yeah, you gotta love the city bureaucracy (especially Boston's) I swear the meter maids, excuse me, "parking enforcement officers" must be on a 24 hour stakeout or something.

To prove the point of Boston having ticket-happy "parking enforcement officers" there is a t-shirt sold there with a bright orange violation sticker on it and the words "Welcome to Boston."

Kevin Guilfoile said...

Oh man, that exact thing happened to me a few years ago. they moved it from Barry to Wellington. It took me two days to find it.

Then again, any excuse to play a little Steve Goodman.

walter Mosley said...


Sean Chercover said...

That you, Guyot?